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Japan is an island country composed of 6,852 islands. From this miraculous country, transcending the age of isolation and crossing the sea that divides the land, Ettō aims to spread awareness of the music, culture, and local lifestyles that have formed them. Ettō is a new type of music video streaming program, rooted in local cultures, that enables artists to travel around Japan, while doing research and passing on their insights.

# Shiver
story ストーリー
Filmmaker Toshiaki Toyoda’s portrait of the collaboration between the emerging contemporary musician Koshiro Hino and the Sado Island-based Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble “Kodo”, a new audiovisual experience “Shiver” will be released now on JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA from 5:00 p.m. (JST) on March 15th till June 15th 2023. The entire movie was recorded at the rehearsal hall in Kodo village and Sado Island. https://jff.jpf.go.jp/watch/independent-cinema/film-lineup/shiver/

/// The more I learned about Kodo through this production, I sensed the power of tradition, and realised the reason why it continues to exist until today. The vibration of air, the thunder of wood, and the beauty of drummers hitting Taikos, can never be heard through speakers. I was genuinely impressed by their overwhelming and persuasive power, and deeply experienced the essence of facing tradition. On top of this experience, the production begins from questioning the common senses and abandoning the music to be formed. I searched for a simple vibration of sound and gave it a rhythm. Some of those rhythms tangled with each other to form a larger movement, and eventually became a piece of music. We did not separate our roles as just “a composer” and “Kodo”, but as companions, we rediscovered the instruments’ sound, playing methods, and groove. Therefore, this is not simply “a composition dedicated to Kodo”; but rather a record that we together worked as if we were re-experiencing the excitement and discoveries of the time of Kodo’s debut.

Koshiro Hino
theater 劇場情報

“Shiver” will be released now on JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA from 5:00 p.m. (JST) on March 15th till June 15th 2023. Watch from here! https://jff.jpf.go.jp/watch/independent-cinema/film-lineup/shiver/

artist アーティスト紹介
Koshiro Hino: Band member and composer of the bands “goat” and “bonanzas”. In addition to the solo electronic music project YPY, Koshiro composes and directs the hybrid orchestra “Virginal Variations”, that fuses classical instruments and electronic sound; and a full-body sensory sound show called “GEIST”, that mixes many speakers and moving performers. He is also active in the ANTIBODIES collective established by Toshio Kajiwara and Yoko Higashino, and is in charge of music for the new stage “Kodokunorenshu” by the former Ishinha.Owner of a cassette label, “Birdfriend”, that releases underground musicians from Japan and overseas; and label “Nakid”, that releases contemporary/electronic music. https://soundcloud.com/koshiro-hino

Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble, Kodo: The taiko: a traditional Japanese drum with limitless rhythmic possibilities. Kodo’s mission is to explore these possibilities, and in the process forge new directions for a vibrant living art-form.Since the group’s debut at Berliner Festspiele in 1981, Kodo has given over 6,500 performances in 52 countries on five continents.This year is their 40th anniversary. Also, Every year since 1988, the rich, natural splendor of Sado sets the scene for Earth Celebration (EC), Kodo’s international arts festival. Produced by Kodo in cooperation with the people of Sado Island, EC seeks to create an alternative global culture through musical and cultural collaborations with artists from around the world. https://www.kodo.or.jp/

Born on March 10, 1969, in Osaka. Toyoda made a debut in the film world in 1991, by scenario for “Checkmate” (Director Junji Sakamoto). Earned the Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award on “Pornostar” where he debuted as a director. Also known for “Blue Spring”, “9 Souls”, “Hanging Garden”, etc. In 2019, he released the short film, “Noroshi ga Yobu”, and published his autobiography “Hanbun Ikita”. On April 11, 2020, he released a documentary film “PLANETIST” set in the Ogasawara Islands, and “The Day of Destruction” in the same year on July 24th."The Day of Destruction” was released worldwide on July 24, 2020 and won the Director’s Award at Italy’s film festival, Oltre lo specchio 2020, and was acclaimed as the best of Japanese movies. https://www.imaginationtoyoda.com
staff スタッフ紹介
Director:Toshiaki Toyoda Music: Koshiro Hino Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble, Kodo: Yoshie Abe, Kenta Nakagome, Shogo Komatsuzaki, Yuta Sumiyoshi, Ryoma Tsurumi, Issei Kohira, Masayasu Maeda, Kodai Yoshida, Seita Saegusa, Chihiro Watanabe, Taiyo Onoda, Shun Takuma, Sho Nakatani Cast: Kiyohiko Shibukawa Kodo Stage/Production: Masafumi Kazama, Takeshi Arai, Miki Yanagisawa, Sorami Ikeyama Photography: Kenji Maki Lighting: Naoki Nomura Production Design: Chihiro Matsumoto Costume Design: Masataka Hattori, Edo Ichibantai Hair and makeup: Kazuta Shirogane Sound Effect: Masaya Kitada Sound Recording: Toshihiko Kasai Recording: Masaru Takahashi Still Photography: Katsumi Omori Editor: Takanobu Oki Producer: Takanobu Oki Planning/Production: Ettō (Taro Yasuzawa, Mariko Kurose)